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Fieldmaster Fence is a name accredited with praise in the market for serving our customers with quality battery zatka machines. We always prioritize to cater our customers by offering them best services and products. We always try to contact with each of ous customer to ensure that what is the actual need of them and what they require from our side. And the best will be delivered to them in an appropriate manner.

Why Choose Our Battery Zatka Machine?

We are a brand which is specialized in serving the clients with the best quality Battery Zatka Machine and Solar Zatka Machine. Each of our product is manufactured using top quality raw materials, so that its durability and structure remains safe for longer time. We believe that customer is only satisfied when they get quality in product and we keep try to offer them with such a range. Some significant features o our products are mentioned below to ensure our clients that why our offerings are best for them

  • Easy to use design and light weight
  • High performance, designed to help people from all industry
  • Low maintenance


  • Police Compound
  • Royal Place Perimeters
  • Bank & Building Societies
  • School Perimeters Rotation
  • Utilities – Gas, Water


  • Transportation
  • Listed Building Perimeters
  • Historical Site,Ancient Monument
  • Power Station Perimeters
  • Automotive Companies
  • Auto Salvage
  • Royal Place Perimeters
  • School Perimeters Rotation


  • Hazardous industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Scrap metal yard
  • Oil refineries
  • Pharmaceutical & Chemical
  • Breweries & Distilleries


  • Utilities gas, water
  • Breweries & Distilleries
  • Solar Parks
  • Distribution & Warehousing

National security

  • Airport Perimeter Security
  • Home Perimeter Security
  • Prison Perimeters Security
  • Military Base Security
  • Car Park Perimeter Security
  • Mobile Phone Mast Security
  • Church Security
  • Museum Security